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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  December 1, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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good morning to you and welcome. would you believe it's wednesday the first day of december? >> this year has flown by. >> it mass. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. let's see what the december forecast is like. at least the first day. here's steve. thank you very much. it's another cold one. not as cold as the past few days but still cold. today the clouds will be to the north. mostly cloudy north bay yet sunny south bay. temperatures anywhere from the mid-50s to a few low 60s. here's sal. steve, right now traffic is moving along pretty well if you are driving on 80 westbound getting out to the macarthur maze. no major problems there. pardon me. also northbound and southbound 880 that traffic is moving along very nicely as you drive up to the oakland coliseum. it's 5:00. let's go back to dave and pam. thank you, sal. topping our news this morning, a homeless encampment in south bay that was the target of
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kindness last night could be the target of a police sweep today. ktvu's claudine wong is in san jose to tell us why the homeless may soon be moved out. good morning, claudine. >> reporter: good morning, pam. yes, fliers are out here alerting the homeless here in san jose near the guadeloupe river especially that there will be a police sweeped to clearing encampments. with frigid temperature, rain expected, certainly health and safety are continuing and growing concern and that is something they want to address. there have been efforts to deal with the homeless and help them get through these frigid temperatures. homeless agencies making efforts to address the needs. ministry handed out free blankets to the homeless. as word got out about the give away 80 people lined up to get the blankets. some tell us they struck toll stay warm in the temperatures and sometimes they won't survive. they also admit they haven't been going to shelters because
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they've stayed in the elements with friends. >> it gets frozen down here. once in a while get a breeze from south to north and it gets you real cold. >> reporter: last year 44 people died on the streets of santa clara county. still unclear when the sweep is actually going to start today. but we'll certainly keep you updated on what we find out here on the morning news. live in san jose, claudine wong, channel 2 news. time now 5:01. just hours ago a deadly crash leaves a pedestrian dead and a very busy highway closed for a while. it happened just before 1:30 a.m. on northbound highway 10 1 just north of broadway. a prius hit a man walking in the road for unknown reasons. that man died there at the scene. the driver of the car was rushed to the hospital with minor injuries. now the lanes reopened to traffic just before 3:00 this morning. investigators are trying to figure out why that man was in the middle of the road. oakland police chief is in
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washington d.c. this morning. he's there lobbying for federal money to pay for police officers in four of oakland's middle schools. this is part of a pilot program designed to help steer young students away from crime and gangs. oakland's police department needs about $6 million to run that program. madison, west lake, roevelt and trick middle schools all selected to participate in the program. a search continues this morning for a hiker missing for five days now near mt. whitney. the 37-year-old from portland is the focus of the search. several hikers told investigators that he spent last thursday night at lower boy scout lake. then the neld them he planned to head back down the trail. but he has not been seen since. time now 5:03. today the city of oakland will step up its fight to save the oakland as. the planning commission will consider a proposal for a new
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ballpark near jack london square. kraig debro is live now with all the details. good morning, kraig. >> reporter: good morning. we're inside the boundary of that victory court proposal. that's the one that the city of oakland favors. and as part of that proposal what they want to do is they want to put a 2500 space parking garage right here on what is now the college parking lot. the planning commission will be taking up this issue at tonight's meeting. originally there were three different proposals, three different choices that the city of oakland was looking at. but they finally settled on this victory court proposal. victory court is named after one of the streets in the boundary of the proposed site. it's a dead end street. the stadium they want to build here they want to build it here because they think it would work with a lot of developments already going on here. jack london square, that believe the synergy if you will will help revitalize this area. the owner of the as wanted to
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move his team to san jose. complications with that. giants feel it's their territory. they feel major league baseball has backed them up on that. and the mayor of san jose is saying that the idea for the ballpark in san jose will not go to the voters. most unlikely to go to the voters in march because major league baseball hasn't gotten back to the city of san jose with a recommendation on whether that should go forward. this new stadium by the way could cost up to $600 million. the as are playing right now in the oakland coliseum. it's one of the oldest stadiums in all of major league baseball. it's big and cavernous and doesn't fit in with what major league baseball has been doing in recent years which is building smaller 40,000 to 50,000 seat stadiums. different things you do at the ballpark. a pool in arizona. a batting cage at one or more of the stadiums. the oakland coliseum does not fit that. what's going to happen to that
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site if and when a new stadium gets built? i think that's way ahead of jumping the shark if you will. tonight the planning meeting we should be hearing plenty of people within the victory court boundary. there are homes down here, businesses 16 in fact that might be effected or some say would be effected by new stadium down here. there's going to be plenty of opinion from those people as well. we're going to try to talk to a guy we talked to a couple weeks ago this morning about what he feels about the new proposed stadium site at victory court and what he plans to do ability it. live in oakland, kraig debro, channel 2 news. the winter spare the air alert is in effect today. that means it is illegal to burn wood, fire logs, pellets or any other solid fuels in fireplaces, woodstoves or other wood burning devices. now the spare the air restrictions will remain in effect until midnight tonight. and of course they don't want you to drive unless you really have to. which would impact the commute right, sal? >> it would. and with the spare the air people would like you to do is
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if you can take public transportation. this morning public transportation's actually doing pretty well around the bay area. bart, muni, ac transit, all starting off on time. let's go outside and talk about westbound interstate 80. that traffic moving along well as you drive out to the macarthur maze with no major problems all the way up to the bay bridge. there was some earlier debris -- debris work -- debris but they've cleared that. traffic is light so far. north bay northbound 280 on the right northbound 280 coming right through downtown san jose. cars are moving well as a matter of fact in both directions northbound and southbound. the traffic looks good. at 5:07. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. forecast san francisco oakland north clouds. south of that there will be sunshine. and actually get a good look at a lot of high clouds drift over
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us yesterday. this system will hang up right there to the north and then slowly drop by thursday and then friday. now late thursday could get some rain. north bay and then friday morning everybody. not a big system. it will be a nuisance more than anything else. you can see drier air peninsula south bay looks good. we're splitting the difference here. rain, clouds, way to the north those of you watching us up there in crescent city. i know you're up there. eureka maybe up to redding and lake county kind of on the border. north bay will get clouds. everywhere else it's going to be sunny. starting off clear for many right now. patchy fog is showing up. clouds to the north, sun to the south. warmer with that sun especially towards south bay. 33 napa and synura fell. 34 concord and livermore. still some 30s but 45 san francisco. and temperatures up in the mountains have come up way up in fact. it was 9 below the other day at tahoe. now 22. cloud cover. little south wind helps. 37 cold degrees.
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same for sacramento and fresno in the 30s. to las vegas and palm springs that cold air going to take a while to budge. this is not cold air up here. not a lot of consensus but the consensus i'm banking on is that this will drape across us friday and hang out until saturday morning. it's really a slow mover. sun and clouds, a little warmer though. 52 to 62. and that 62 is for you folks down in san jose. mountain view, sunny vale, santa cruz 60. upper 50s for some. mid-50s for others. to the north a lot of clouds. to the south more sunshine. sun and clouds cloudy north. drape it across everybody friday. kind of a gray yucky day friday. clear it out saturday and sunday. sun does look mostly sunny. thank you. time now 5:09. secretary clinton rubbing shoulders with a lot of world leaders today. why the wikileaks revelation may cause some pretty awkward moments for her.
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also a somber ceremony in san francisco marks the shortened life of a brave boy on the eve of world aids day. anded checks are not in the mail for about 800,000 americans whose unemployment benefits run out today. we'll take a closer look at whether congress is going to do anything about it coming up. good morning. if you're driving in contra costa county, so far so good for highway 4. but we are clearing up an accident in solano county. tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead.
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welcome back to the morning news. we wanted to take a live look at the white house this morning. take a look there. it's rainy. so it's a little hard to see, but there is a giant red ribbon hanging on the white house to mark world aids day today december 1st. international organizations report mixed news about the fight against aids. the united nations says that while there's been a reduction in new hiv infections, cases involving children in eleven asian countries have increased in the last decade. parts of africa continue to be effected the most by the aids epidemic. in san francisco today world aids day will be observed at the national aids memorial grove. that grove is located right in golden gate park. it was illuminated for the first time last night celebrating the 20th anniversary of the ryan white
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care act. that young man there, was diagnosed with aids at 13. he fought a courageous battle against aids related discrimination back in the late 1980s. his mother spoke at last night's event. >> it wasn't just about ryan. there are so many families that have been through this aids epidemic that you know they felt the same suffering and pain that i went through. >> during a noontime observance today a folder will be unveiled also recognizes the chief architect of the ryan white care act. the late senator ed kennedy was the lead sponsor for the landmark legislation. unemployed workers from all over the country will rally in washington d.c. today with democratic leaders. as ktvu's allison burns reports they are calling for an extension of the unemployment benefits after a critical deadline passed at midnight last night. good morning, allison. >> reporter: good morning, pam. congress is deadlocked about
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what to do next. there was no deal at yesterday's white house meeting with democratic and republican leaders and no votes are scheduled for today in the house or senate on extra help for the long-term unemployed. benefits ran out at midnight for about 800,000 people. two million americans will lose their benefits by the end of the year if congress doesn't act. >> anybody who thinks that the unemployed are being lazy and taking advantage of these systems seriously has no grip on reality. there are 15 million unemployed people right now. and there are three million open jobs. >> reporter: republicans and democrats who are now blocking the benefits extension say they would be willing to change their minds if congress can figure out a way to do it without adding to the federal deficit. reporting live from washington d.c., allison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. time now 5:15. now that the pentagon has released its report on the military isodont ask don't tell
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policy, senate democrats are moving to hold a vote on repealing the policy this month. defense secretary robert gates wants the senate to act before it adjourns this month. gates says there's an urgency for congress to act because the courts could invalidate the policy without warning leaving the military with no time to prepare for the change. >> i am determined to see that if the law is repealed, the changes are implemented in such a way as to minimize any negative impact on the morale, cohesion. >> that pentagon report concluded that repealing the began on gays serving openly in the military would present only a low risk to the arms forces ability to carry out their missions. senate democrats have scheduled hearings on repealing the policy beginning tomorrow. a soldier from vacaville is facing court-martial on five charges related to incidents in afghanistan. staff sergeant accused of severely beating a private to keep that private from reporting about drug use within
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his platoon. he's also charged with taking photographs of american soldiers posing with dead afghans. the charges he face could result in nine years behind bars. he's one of 12 infantry men accused of terrorizing afghan civilians as well as soldiers in afghanistan earlier this year. the founder of wikileaks is now on the most wanted list at interpoll. the international police agency. he's being sought on an arrest warrant in a rape case involving two women in sweden. the exact whereabouts are unknown but he's believed to be somewhere in britain. he has denied the rape charges and says that the complaints against him are the result of a u.s. smear campaign. in an interview with time magazine, said secretary of state hillary clinton should resign in the wake of the information revealed in the diplomatic cables by wikileaks. he said "she should resign if
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it can be shown that she was responsible for ordering u.s. diplomatic figures to engage in espionage in the violation of international covenants." now today secretary clinton is in kazakhstan. her first overseas trip since the release of the confidential diplomatic cables, some containing blunt assessments of foreign leaders. cast pakistan's leaders are among those cited by american diplomats in the cables for example the country's defense minister is described as someone who enjoys "drinking himself into a stupor." time now 5:18. google says it will attempt to answer questions posed by european union anti-trust investigators. those investigators want to know if google manipulates its search results to cut out the competition. google is accused of funneling traffic to its own services including online price comparisons. 5:18 is the time. time to check back in with sal and the commute.
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how's it looking, sal? >> it's pretty good. not a lot going on. likely enjoy it on an early wednesday morning. go outside and take a look at highway 4. traffic continues to move along pretty well this morning if you are driving on highway 4 westbound. no major problems by the way in contra costa county if you are driving over to highway 24 this is a look at interstate 880. that traffic looks pretty good driving past the coliseum. and we are looking at the san mateo bridge westbound 92 is on the right there. you can see traffic moves well from this point near the hayward toll plaza over to foster city. 5:19. let's go to steve. sal, thank you. we have clear skies for some. few high clouds for others. a definite dividing line today to the north bay more clouds, to the peninsula, south bay and most east bay it will be mostly sunny day and a little warmer. system will lift a little bit but still watch in the last few frames see how that hangs out? pretty good system for
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northwest california. the key is that it's going to sit here for about two days and eventually slowly slide towards us by friday. it's not a big system again if you're a contractor work outside, don't change any plans yet. we'll see how this develops by friday. clouds to the north, sun to the south, 50s, 50s to a few low 60s. 30s right now for many or 40s. 45 san francisco. oakland berkeley at 38. 24 tahoe. 26 reno. they've come way up on the temps. 51 eureka with rain in crescent city. 36 fresno. 34 sacramento. it's cold. and you see that line of clouds the problem here or the challenge i shld say -- it's not a problem, it's a challenge, is that there's a lot of cloud cover just in the forecast models every one of them has a different scenario. pick one, go with it and that's what i'm going to do. this will hang up here slowly slide south on thursday and then go just ever so slowly across us on friday for some rain. sun and clouds, a little warmer
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today. more clouds to the north. more sun to the south. 50s, upper 50s, low 60s. san jose 62. mountain view, sunny vale, santa cruz looks good. more clouds and slightly cooler towards the north. cloudy and rain could develop lake county thursday and then thursday night probably into sonoma county. friday for everybody. just be kind of a gray day. try and get it out of here saturday. and then sunday mostly sunny. european markets are starting the day with gains this morning. across the board despite jitters over continuing debt problems. overnight asian markets also recovered on some optimistic news out of china. a new report shows strong growth for china economy. south korea also gained ground. analysts say investors there are still nervous about the tension between south and north
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korea. now checking in on our markets, here's where we start the day. the dow jones barely hanging onto that 11,000 level after dropping about 46.5 points. right now i'm taking a look at the futures to see, they do look like a much stronger opening this morning here in the u.s. following the gains overnight in asia and this morning in europe. we'll get a better indication as we get closer to the opening bell. a swiss drug conglomerate plans to cut hundreds of u.s. jobs by january 1st. it will eliminate 1400 members of its american sales force but has not announced if any of those will be from the bay area. the company says it will offer support to those laid off workers including help finding a new job. time now 5:22. before this week is out the house of representatives may pass a new food safety bill. and then send it to president obama to sign it. now if it becomes law, this would be the biggest upgrade in food safety in more than 20 years. most food producers would have to document and actually trace
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their products from the field all the way to your dinner table. small farmers who sell their products locally would be exempt. and many bay area restaurants and farmers say they already track the foods they sell. >> with our produce and seafood we know exactly where we get it from, the boat it comes from, the farm it comes from and the farmers who get it for us. >> we're creating where we know who grew it and that is really the model that will and should prevail. >> the food and drug administration would also get more power for inspections and also have the ability to order recalls. new information about what happened the night police say a 16-year-old girl was raped outside her high school homecoming dance. the new change that starts today designed to protect the men charged in that case. also guns on am track trains. the new rules that take effect in just two weeks. good morning. if you're driving on the freeways so far looking pretty
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good around the bay area on this cold morning. steve and i will be back with more traffic and weather coming up next.
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good morning. little bit of fog. not too much. but there could be a few patches. 30s and 40s on the lows. mostly clear now. cloudy to the north, sunny to the south and also warmer to the south bay with a few low
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60s. all right. thank you. time now 5:26. the first day of hanukkah begins today. however governor schwarzenegger got an early start to the celebrations. yes, the governor actually danced. you see him right here. and handed out gifts at the state capitol yesterday. this is part of the 17th annual minora lighting ceremony. hanukkah begins at sunset. it will last eight days. a new policy on am track that begins in two weeks will allow am track passengers to bring guns on board trains in their checked baggage. ever since the september 11 attacks guns have not been allowed on am track trains. the new rules will allow passengers to have weapons in their checked luggage as long as the guns are not loaded, declare and had in a hard container. >> i'm all for it. i think it was a hassle they didn't have it. i'm a hunter and fishermen. it's been a big hassle. and am track can't go to certain corridors where it's
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convenient to have it. so for example bird hunting i haven't been able to bring the guns. >> i just don't think it's a good idea. i think that people are carrying guns that are prone to wanting to use them. >> well, the guns will only be allowed on am track trains with checked baggage service. guns will continue to be banned on other am track trains and unequal train which does not have baggage service. this morning testimony resumes in the richmond gang rape case. today there will be one big change outside the courthouse in martinez. the seven men accused of gang raping a 17-year-old richmond girl will no longer be paraded across the street as you see here. that's because the county found courtroom space in the newer courthouse right next to the jail. >> i think it is far more humane the way they're being treated right now. but i think the damage has been done. >> the preliminary hearing will be held at the newer courthouse for at least the next week. a judge is trying to determine
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if there's enough evidence to put the seven defendants on trial for last year's horrific gang rape case that gained national attention. time now 5:28. making sure kids get their exercise at school. what a new court ruling says you parents can do if you think your child's schools haven't followed the law. also dramatic video of the first moments of freedom for a tracy teenager after he escaped captivity and torture.
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well, good morning to you. welcome back. this is the ktvu channel 2 morning news. wednesday the first day of december. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. time now 5:31. steven, what is the weather like today? depends on where you are, pam. if you're to the north there will be clouds. to the south sunshine and warmer weather. we will bump highs up today especially towards the south bay. mountain view 60 degrees. san jose 62. morgan hill and gill roy same for santa cruz in the north bay a little more cloudiness. still 50s but not as warm. here's sal. on the east shore freeway you see it on the left see the headlights coming toward us traffic moves along nicely. plenty of room there. also this morning we're looking at northbound 101 in san francisco. there's a stalled big rig on the connector ramp from northbound 101 to northbound 280. it is blocking one of the right
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lanes. we'll watch that and see if it causes big delays. 5:32. back to the desk. oakland police chief in washington d.c. this morning. he's looking for money to bring back home. specifically his goal is to make several oakland schools safer places for everybody. ktvu's jade hernandez joining us live at oakland police headquarters now with details. good morning, jade. >> reporter: good morning. today oakland chief will not be here at headquarters. he's in washington d.c. right now. he's lobbying for federal funding for a pilot program to place officers in four of the city's middle schools. the program needs nearly $6 million in funding. the program would target four middle schools including brick and madison here in oakland. the chief is targeting vulnerable students at an age that make difficult decisions that involve adult lives. a $10 million grant given to
5:34 am
the community bikieser. he discussed why programs like the rk kids program and kids in training programs are so important and why they target teens. >> the middle schools are looking to become to make an impact in community policing in the city of oakland. my partner in crime i say that finally mr. tony smith, he and i have salvaged a wonderful relationship. we are partners in crime hand in hand to make a difference to make an impact in the city of oakland as a whole. >> reporter: the chief will meet with senators as well as u.s. representative lee. and the assistant attorney general during his meetings in washington d.c. over the next couple of days. reporting live in oakland in front of police headquarters, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. two people are recovering this morning from injuries suffered in what police call a gang-related mob attack on the
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south bay. mountain view police say a group of at least 15 men attack today other men on california street near jennifer court sunday afternoon. the men used bats, chains and metal rods in that attack. police say the attackers fled the scene. but after canvassing the area they were able to arrest several suspects at gunpoint. 12 adults and three juveniles were taken into custody. police also say some of the attackers may have gotten away. if you have any information you are asked to call the mountain view police department. time now 5:35. prosecutors in san joaquin county have released dramatic surveillance video of a teenage torture victim moments after he escaped captivity. we want to warn you that this video may be disturbing. the video recorded two years ago today shows the 16-year-old boy enter a gym and ask for help. you can see that he is dirty, emaciated wearing only boxer shorts and a chain around one of his ankles.
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employees help the teenager call authorities. three adults have pleaded guilty in this case and face prison sentences of more than 30 years. a fourth man faces life in prison after a jury convicted him last week. well, a homeless encampment in san jose could be the target of a police sweep today. >> my brother, keep warm. god bless you. >> you're watching here a community homeless alliance ministry passed out blankets to about 80 homeless people last night near the guadeloupe river. there's this flier now posted in the area warning police today will be asking the homeless to leave. a pastor who helped pass out the blankets says he believes the problem is getting worse because of unemployment and foreclosures. >> a blanket on a cold night could do a little bit. but i think more than that just them knowing that people care, that we're looking at the issue and trying to do what we can, let them know there's hope. >> at least 44 people died over streets last year in santa
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clara county. san francisco police are in the beginning stages of a pilot program to reduce the rampant illegal pill sales at a trouble tenderloin intersection. according to the san francisco examiner, police are performing biweekly nighttime stings. they're also working with the district attorney's office to stiffening the consequences for repeat offenders. police are working with the drug enforcement administration to bust law breaking doctors and pharmacies. parent which is now take their children's public schools to court over p.e. it comes after a parent in the albany school district sued to force an elementary school to offer the required physical education. education code requires elementary schools to offer 200 minutes every ten days. a judge in sacramento had ruled against the parent saying it was an advisory rather than a requirement. albany school district officials maintain they are complying. the attorney representing
5:38 am
barry bonds in his perjury trial has signed onto become a partner at one of the largest law firms in the world. 65-year-old ruby will join silicon valley based firm next year. bonds has pleaded not guilty to charges that he lied to a federal grand jury in 2003 when he testified he never knowingly used performance enhancing drugs. his trial is currently scheduled for march. time now 5:37. the city of oakland has not given up its fight to save the oakland as. today officials will consider a stadium plan designed to stop the team from moving south. kraig debro joining us live from oakland. he has that story. morning, kraig. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, dave. moving south or points beyond. if you think effect you because you don't live in oakland, i'm going to show you why it does. over re to my left see that sign there behind that there's a parking lot. in this victory court proposal, they plan to build a 2500 space
5:39 am
parking lot, that's if it's approved, right there on that spot. see 880 behind it. bart comes through here. so if you come through here from fremont or pleasanton or dublin this could eventually wind up you as well. we're inside the boundary at the site favored by the city of oakland and its mayor-elect quan. in an interview earlier this month quan told us the victory site would offer the best opportunity for them to benefit each other. in addition to the development promise, the bart station will make getting to the new stadium convenient. the city's committing to the victory court site by putting up thousands of dollars for an eir. environmental impact report. there's opposition to the site though. one resident we spoke to says he worries what the new stadium would do to the neighborhood. the city proposed a 39,000 seat stadium and it might cost up to $600 million. the owner of the oakland a's
5:40 am
prefers building a stadium in san jose. in fact major league baseball has a committee studying that theory. but just this morning san jose mayor is quoted in a paper saying "a ballot issue that would asked voters to approve the new stadium will unlikely go on the ballot in the springtime." that's because the committee he says has not gotten back to the city and given them direction as to where and what they might do to put that stadium in the city of san jose. in addition to that san francisco giants have a major problem with the a's moving to san jose. that's because giants feel they've been told and they have an ironclad agreement with major league baseball that san jose is their territory is does not belong to any other major league baseball team including the as. the as want a new stadium because hilton is one of the oldest, big, cavernous. 39,000 to 45,000 feet -- rather seats in the stadium.
5:41 am
major league baseball and the as want a stadium like that. the question is where does it go? tonight we begin to start that process at least in the city of oakland. live in oakland, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. a baseball player well known in the bay area fans has become the newest member of the world champion san francisco giants. former a's star signed a one year, $6.5 million contract with san francisco. he's now 36 years old, but the giants still view him as a reliable shortstop and a strong hitter. the giants just lost post season juan uribe who signed a three year deal with -- we like to call them the dreaded. >> the dreaded dodgers. >> but the giants still have sal as their biggest fan. >> of course. always. >> let's just hope that carries some weight, dave. i don't know. >> i think it will. >> i'm happy they already won in my lifetime. good morning everybody. let's go out and take a look at the commute. you can always tweet me. you can see my twitter address. see my name there? look below there's my twitter
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address. especially if you take public transportation. you bored? get t your iphone or whatever and give me a tweet. let me know how it's going. this is a look at westbound bay bridge. traffic is moving along okay. if you are driving in to san francisco still quiet out there when it comes to the morning commute. this is the time when the early commuter gets the best commute. i was going to say something about a worm, but not the early bird or worm none of that. northbound 101 traffic looking good. there is a stalled big rig northbound 101 approaching the 280 interchange. watch for one of the rigs to be in the right lane northbound 101 connected to northbound 280. in the south bay look at our maps remember the maps are color coded and the road sensors show green which means traffic is moving along pretty well. at 5:42. let's go to steve. said the same thing. just once in my life please. and they did it. so there you go. you have good company. there's our system. it's going to stay up there if
5:43 am
up there being northern california. so about fort brag north. north of that see the green turn to white that's snow. this system is going to just -- i mean seriously it's going to give us just a bear of a forecast because none of the forecast models are in sync. zero. they're all over the place. confidence level is low. which is rare. usually confidence level is high. partly cloudy skies in the north bay. south of san francisco, oakland, vallejo, fairfield. if you're south of that not too bad. clouds to the north, sun to the south. warmer as well. near average temperatures. mountain view target forecast today starting off at a cold 34. 52 at noon. go 60 today for a high. that might feel downright balmy compared to where we've been the last couple mornings. san francisco 44. 58 high today which is exactly according to climatology where you should be.
5:44 am
we've been below average for the longest time. by the way i was reading switzerland the coldest november in 45 years. and they have a bunch of snow in europe. this is one of the earliest winters even though it's still fall they've had in a long time. 33 napa as i bring it back here. 38 oakland, berkeley. palo alto i was looking about ten observations eight around 33 palo alto, men lo park around 33. san jose 38. lost alls to 34. 24 tahoe. 30s and 50s. 50 eureka clouds and rain. 38 redding. and 34 sacramento. 30s all the way down to santa maria and las vegas. there's a lot going on out here. there's just no consensus. so this system will just sit up here and just slowly, slowly over the next two days drag south. so tomorrow afternoon, evening, north bay rain. friday morning everybody gets in on it. the question is will it get out of here by saturday? i'm kicking it out of here but confidence level about a c minus.
5:45 am
a challenging call. sun and clouds today warmer to the south. slightly cool herb today north due to the cloud cover. little more sunshine and low 60s san jose 62. cloudy north. rain inching its way southward towards northern sonoma and napa county. a light nuisance rain, gray yucky day. saturday partly cloudy to mostly sunny. take it a day at a time. a southern california home is being called so dangerous officials plan to burn it to the ground. what's inside that makes everybody so nervous. also celebrating victory as california's new attorney general. what she says her priorities will be.
5:46 am
5:47 am
5:48 am
good morning. mostly clear skies. patchy fog out there too. livermore and concord patchy fog. temperatures rebound especially to the south bay. low 60s under mostly cloudy skies. more clouds to the north and mid and upper 50s. steve, thank you. welcome back. guilty or not good morning to you. quick look at stories we're following. extended unemployment benefits start running out today for two million americans. congress missed a deadline of midnight last night to further extend those benefits past the 99 weeks that will end this month. a winter spare the air alert is in effect today. that means it's against the law to burn wood, fire logs, pellets or any other solid fuels in fireplaces, woodstoves or other wood burning devices. a spare the air restriction stands effective until midnight tonight. a car tragically killed a pedestrian early this morning
5:49 am
on northbound highway 101 in burling game. the chp says the victim, a man, was out there on the road for still unknown reasons. the driver who hit him suffered minor injuries. a san diego county home described by a prosecutor as a bomb factory has been declare add public hazard and will be burned to the ground some time next week. authorities say the home is so full of dangerous materials it needs to be destroyed. the same type of chemicals used in suicide bombings were found in the home earlier this month. along with hand grenades. the man who lived in the home is now in jail on $5 million bail. time now 5:49. san francisco district attorney now officially the state attorney general-elect. she officially declared victory yesterday over her republican challenger los angeles d.a. she beat him by less than 1% of
5:50 am
the vote. >> congratulations. >> she laid out her priorities as a state's top law enforcement officer during her victory party last night. she pledged to focus on morning fraud, the high recidivism rate. and on january 3rd she'll macarize reas the first woman in california to be e attorney general. we now know the final results of another close race from the november 2nd election. with all of the votes counted in the eleventh congressional district race incumbent democrat mcnerney has less than 48%, his republican challenger 47%. now mcnerney's margin of victory came down to just 2600 votes thanks to supporters in contra costa, alameda and santa clara county. harmer received most of his votes in the more conservative san joaquin county. time now 5:50. check in with sal and get you where you need to go. the toll plaza, how's it looking? it looks pretty good.
5:51 am
as a matter of fact if you're trying to get into san francisco it's not a bad commute at all. this might be the time for you to get ahead because the last few days we've had what we always have about 6:15 or so a crowd show up. good time to go before the crowd gets there. this morning we're looking at interstate 880 right here in front of the coliseum. traffic moving well southbound 880 traffic headlights moving down towards hayward. if you are driving speaking of the east bay, livermore, hayward, that whole area traffic looking pretty good. road sensors showing mostly clear commute. it's 5:51. let's go to steve. sal, thank you sir. rain to the north. it's going to stay there. fort brag north probably by today by tomorrow it will drop south then some farther south. overall trend to keep it mainly to the north. today this is a very slow two speeds slow and stop. if you're to the north it's going to be a rainy day. to the south of that over us mostly sunny for some. partly sunny for others.
5:52 am
now this system will play into our weather for the next two maybe three days. today it stays to the north. you can see where it is. we look pretty good here. lots of sunshine once we get cranked up. chilly, i'm freezing. upper 50s and low 60s. mountain view mostly sunny and a high near 60 today which is right about where you should be according to climatology. 34 to start off with. so it's cold. i've seen a lot of 34 and 35- degree readings around sunny vale and lost allot os. san francisco 44 right now. 58 for a high which is right there. that's normal for this time of year. 30s and 40s on your temperatures napa. 33 concord, livermore 33 and palo alto also at 33 with 38 oakland, berkeley and san jose. 24 in tahoe. 26 reno. warmer than the past couple of mornings but a little bit of
5:53 am
cloud cover, little hint of a breeze. that helps. 30s for many or very low 40s down on the desert. not a lot of record lows in southern california. this system will drag across a lot of clouds and eventually go from north to south probably by tomorrow for more clouds and then by friday morning we'll bring in some rain. very light rain though. sun and clouds just a little warmer today especially towards the peninsula, east bay, south bay. north bay will have to fight in between clouds and sun. keep it mid to upper 50s. rain developing to the north and spreading south late thursday into friday. the weekend's a challenge call. partly cloudy on saturday, mostly cloudy on sunday. latest sales numbers for cars and trucks. fort will release its if figures just after 8:00 our time. we have word gm and chrysler will add jobs, most of those in michigan. time now 5:53. they weigh as much as 30
5:54 am
elephants. imagine crashing into one. why that is a whale of a problem off the california coast for the ships out there and for the whales. and a major lawsuit filed in the bay area going after a chain of movie theaters. why the deaf community wants the movie industry to hear their message. [ female announcer yoplait's real fruit
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and the goodness of dairy... gives you a little slice of happy. and happiness comes in 25 delicious flavors. explore them all. yoplait. it is so good. now the yoplait you love in a new four pack. try it today.
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time now 5:56. new ways to prevent collisions between whales and ships. at least five whales have been killed by ships in the bay area just since july. officials say the whales are chasing after a bumper crop of shrimp-like organisms call celled. officials are considering lowering the speeds of ships and shipping lane changes along with marine reservers placed on those ships. a group of deaf and hard of hearing movie goers say the third largest chain is in violation of disability lawsful according to a lawsuit, sin mark has refused to install closed captioning equipment. would allow them to read captions at any seat without effecting movie goers. they have four in alameda county. time now 5:57. pushing out the homeless in one
5:58 am
bay area city. where the homeless has already been warned in writing. what the police will do later today. why the future of the oakland a's could be effected by some major decisions expected today.
5:59 am
>> reporter: it's another cold


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